Videos shot and produced by João Paulo Krajewski, in his Vimeo channel


The White Nightmare

An alert about the massive coral bleaching on reefs off Northeast Brazil in April 2020.

Coral Gardens of the Solomons

The amazing corals of Kicha and Mbulo islands, in the reomote Western Province of the Solomon Islands. Shot with Ml Raw - Canon 5D MkIII + Nauticam Housing.

Feel the Amazon - A journey into Cristalino Reserve

A journey intro the amazing nature of Cristalino Reserve, on souther Amazonia, Brazil. The reserve is home to about 600 species of birds, 1500 butterflies and about 100 species of mammals.

Visiting the southern reefs

The colorful and tiny marine inhabitants of the reefs of  Florianopolis, Brazil. Shot with Ml Raw -  Canon 5D MkIII + Nauticam Housing.

"Vida no Azul " Teaser

Teaser of the Vida no Azul series, produced by Natural History Brazil, and shown at Animal Planet Brazil.

Life in the Llanos - Venezuela

An explosion of life in the planes of Hato El Catedral, Venezuela.

Canyons covered by rainforest

Some of the amazing alndscapes on the border of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande states, Brazil. 

Thresher sharks and typhoon

The amazing thresher sharks of Malapascua, shot one month after the super thyphoon Haiyan.

A bird that sings with its wings

The unbealivable clubwinged manakin, from Ecuador, can sing by beating its wings more than 100 times per second.