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Vida no Azul

TV series of 12 episodes about marine ecosystems and species. João Paulo and Roberta take a journey of exploration of oceans, in which they visit some of the most amazing seas of the world. During this journey, they meet scientists and learn about how amazing and fragile marine ecosystems can be.

Tueasdays 22:15 on Animal Planet Brazil


Domingão Aventura

João Paulo Krajewski is one of the producers and presenters of the segment Domingão Aventura, featured on the famous TV show Domingão do Faustão, every Sunday afternonn on Rede Globo. The segment features his adventures to film wildlife around the world and is viewed by about 30 million people.


The show is exhibited by Globo TV in Brazil and 118 cowntries via Globo International.


Seven Worlds, One Planet

BBC One, 2019

Seven continents, all unique. Seven Worlds, One Planet is the latest natural history landmark from BBC Studios’ Natural History Unit, narrated by Sir David Attenborough. The series will showcase the rich diversity of Earth’s seven continents and what makes each one unique.

Natural History Brazil has proudly worked in some sequences of the episode about South America.

green planet.jpg

Green Planet

BBC One, release date to be announced

Green Planet will be the first immersive portrayal of an unseen, interconnected world, full of remarkable new behaviour, emotional stories and surprising heroes in the plant world. 
We are working on the research and filming of sequences for this production.


Life in Colour (with David Attenborough)

BBC One / Netflix, to be released on 2021

Three-part series in which Sir David Attenborough will explore how colour plays a vital role in animal interactions. It is produced by Humble Bee Films, a Bristol-based production company, for BBC One and Netflix. 

Natural History Brazil has proudly worked in some of the sequences of the series.

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BBC One, to be released in 2020

TV series about primates around the world to be released on early 2020.


Earth's great rivers

BBC Two / PBS, 2018

The series reveals the extraordinary animals, astonishing landscapes and remarkable people who live three great rivers of the world (Amazon, Nile, Mississipi). We worked filming some of the sequences of Episode 1: Amazon. João Paulo Krajewski and Roberta Bonaldo are also featured in the making of of the episode.

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Blue Planet II

 BBC One, 2018

Documentary series of 7 episodes showing spectacles of the marine life around the world. João Paulo Krajewski worked as scientific advisor and camera of the sequence crab vs. eel vs. octopus, filmed at Fernando de Noronha, NE Brazil.


Florestas Animais / Misterios del Bosque Tropical

 Animal Planet, 2016 - 2018

TV series of 5 episodes about tropical forests. The series explores the similarites and contrasts among forests in the world. Exhibited in Brazil by Animal Planet and Discovery Theater HD, in Brazil. Currently exhibited in all Latin America by Animal Planet.


Alcatrazes island, Brazil

 Natural History Brazil, 2018

Video produced for tourism operators (dive and wildlife observation) at Alcatrazes island, south-eastern Brazil.

Rotadorfes de Noronha flat copy

Noronha's spinners

 Natural History Brazil, 2016

Video about the life of spinners dolphins at the Fernando de Noronha archipelago that shows the activites of the NGO Projeto Golfinho Rotador. An extended version of this video has been featured at Animal Planet Brazil. 


Nature's Weirdest Events

João Paulo Krajewski worked as scientific advisor and camera of two stories presented at the 5th season of the show: "Penguin best friend" and "The bird that sings with its wings".

Joao Paulo Krajewski e Cristian Dimitriu

Programa do Jô

In October 2013, João Paulo Krajewski and Cristian Dimitrius were interviewed by the famous TV presenter Jô Soares on his show on Globo TV.

The interview lasted for two parts of the show and featured their expeditions around the world.