João Paulo


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JPKrajewski.com brings together the passion for nature of the Brazilian filmmaker João Paulo Krajewski. A biologist with PhD in Ecology at Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Brazil), João Paulo is a filmmaker specialized on nature and wildlife at Natural History Brazil productions. His greatest interest is to document the beauty and dynamics of wildlife on Earth. João presents and produces the segment Domingão Aventura (Globo TV, Brazil), and the series Vida no Azul and Forests Animals (Animal Planet, Discovery). His images can also be seen in BBC productions (e.g., Blue Planet 2, Primates, One Planet 7 Worlds, World’s Great Rivers etc), National Geographic (Brasil Selvagem), among others. Welcome to his journey of discovery in nature!

Feel the Amazon - A journey into Cristalino Reserve

A journey intro the amazing nature of Cristalino Reserve, on souther Amazonia, Brazil.

The White Nightmare

An alert about the massive coral bleaching on reefs off Northeast Brazil in April 2020.