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JPKrajewski.com brings the passion of the biologist and award-winning photographer and videographer, João Paulo Krajewski, by nature. A childhood dream, to meet the most curious and beautiful inhabitants and landscapes of the planet, which became a profession. Today, João Paulo works beside nature, recording images or working as a scientist, educator and conservationist along with his wife, also a biologist, Dr. Roberta Bonaldo. João Paulo completed his Ph.D. in Ecology at Unicamp in 2010 and worked for years as a researcher, alongside leading scientists in Brazil, Australia and the United States, and as a photographer and videographer. He has been in more than 50 countries filming and photographing nature. His greatest interest is to promote, through his images, the beauty and the understanding of wildlife on Earth. We envite you to share this passion!

Recording the largest colony of penguins in South America, in Punta Tombo, Patagonia.

Video celebrating the 25 years of activity of the "Golfinho Rotador" (Spinner Dolphin) Project in Fernando de Noronha, Brazil.

"Golfinho Rotador" (Spinner dolphin) Project: 25 Years

Filiming in Punta Tombo - Argentina