The true story of Dindim, the rescued penguin from Ilha Grande, Brazil, that returns every year to h

Since I recorded and presented the story about the penguin Dindim for the segment Domingão Aventura, that I present in Globo TV, Brazil, the story went viral all over the world. Several stories were published in news agencies like BBC, CNN, The Independent, Telegraph, Business Insider, The Sun, Dailymail… Here is the link to the original story that I presented in Brazil, all in Portuguese: http://globoplay.globo.com/v/4864050/ Some international news agencies and websites, however, introduced mistakes and misconceptions about the story. Dindim is a Magellanic penguin that was rescued in May 2011 by Mr João Pereira de Souza, in Provetá Beach, Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro State. The penguin was

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